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Here I'm revealing facts about this beautiful country Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a noisy and charming destination filled with people and surrounding landscapes that invite many flights to Zimbabwe from London. Sometimes the city can become daunting, sometimes enjoyable, and sometimes charming. Many visitors arrive at the reputed Harare airport and are directed towards their desired destination.
Zimbabwe also has a different image that sheds light on art galleries, wildlife sanctuaries and even ancient monuments that add to natural beauty. The country has been entertaining various people, many politicians, doctors, technology freaks and the park and found their home in the city.
You'll see cyclists zoom by with shopping items and startle in cars ranging from Audi, Hummers and Ladybugs. Every corner of Zimbabwe is diverse to another.
No doubt, Zimbabwe is the perfect match of contrasts, game gardens, Amazing natural wonders, and if you enter any house, you will find yourself surrounded by impressive paintings, handicrafts, and aroma of baking items.

The perfect time to visit
The subtropical climate is quite pleasing. You can visit during the months from April to August because of the low rainfall. Places of interest can be explored all year round. During the month of September, the city is a huge bed of purple flowers coming to the city.
Just like any other big city, there are pros and cons. No matter where you are in Zimbabwe, do not leave your valuables and cash out of sight. Keep a good grip on your bags and don't go out alone after sunset.
Activities in Zimbabwe are suitable for all budgets and ages. There may be some activities that may take the whole day. Explore the extensive wilderness gardens and lush natural areas near Harare. Due to the lesser number of city tours, you will certainly enjoy wandering around and exploring the city on your own.
Shopping is an exciting hobby for the two parents. To Marvel and purchase unique items, you need to visit the estate, Mbare Market and Avonda market for used goods.
For a more traditional shopping experience, visit Sam Levy Village, the west and East Gate, Avondale shopping centre and Arundel Village.
Getting Around
Zimbabwe is a distant city; next, using transportation will be convenient to move around the city. As mentioned earlier, there are not many guided tours and it is exciting to explore the sight without evidence.
You should be nostalgic to visit Victoria Falls. There is a bus that goes from the capital to the successive Victoria Falls. You may not get one wink of sleep, as the scene is so spectacular.

Wine and dinner
Visitors can choose from a lot of places to eat, directly from outside to Larney, and there are restaurants to meet each tongue. If you want to satisfy your craving for meat, you need to be in the village of Sam Levy. Just select your widget and set it up by first-class chefs.
If you fancy something classic, Amanzi is the place for some spanking lip food. Booking flights to Zimbabwe and exploring the food courts such as tin ceiling bucket bar and bistro are very enjoyable places.
Zimbabwe offers some spectacular and thriving golf courses where you can spend a wonderful Saturday on the magnificent greens of the royal Harare. Other golf courses can be found throughout the city with reasonable prices. 
Journey to take you Zimbabwe through a maze of landscapes, backyard towns, lush mountains, rivers, huge rock carvings, and exotic cities. The country may not paint a rosy picture but it is still one of the safest, most spectacular, and sociable countries in Africa.

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